On Monday night the Maumelle City Council was slated to adopt an ordinance that would restrict the location of sexually oriented businesses within the city. Because of early holiday deadlines details will be in next week’s paper.

The ordinance would tighten the city’s ordinance that restricts sexually oriented businesses to locations in the city’s industrial zones.

Maumelle has no businesses that meet the definition of a sexually oriented business but City Council members wanted to tackle the issue before it become a problem.

The owner of Cupids said he had inquired about a building when discussing a possible store in Maumelle but said he had no plans to locate there.

Spencer Elmon, though, said he calls his business a sexually oriented business because of the novelty, media and other items he sells. Each store is different, he said, to meet the local demand as well as the local sense of civility.

He said that those community standards change from one location to another and that he tries not too offend anyone.

When told that his inquiry had generated a proposed ordinance, Elmon asked for a copy of the proposal.

In other business, the council heard reports from Mayor Mike Watson and other department heads about the preparations for the upcoming FourthFest on July 4.

The annual Maumelle Fireworks Show will continue this year in spite of a countywide burn ban. Because of the ban, the city had to obtain a permit from the Pulaski County Emergency Operations Department, which it did.

Watson said the area north of Krogers, known as Tract D, will be watered down, as will the area where the fireworks will be utilized on the east side of Lake Willastein.

Unlike previous years, cars aren’t allowed to park on the grass for fear that a catalytic converter from a vehicle might spark a fire, he said.

Phillip Raburn said more cars will be parked at Lake Willastein’ he noted that areas there or near homes where fireworks remnants might drop down will be carefully monitored, watered down and mowed short to get rid of combustible dried grass that could fuel a fire.

The action comes at a time when Maumelle Water Management announced a ban on irrigation of lawns and other areas and the city was set to discuss again allowing lake water from Lake Willastein to be used on the Maumelle Country Club to water the greens and fairways.

The city and club have an irrigation system that allows a certain amount of water from the lake into the irrigation system.

Also on the slate for discussion was the city’s plan to take back fences along Maumelle Boulevard that it gave away several years ago to property owners, the various bans in effect and a proposed property tax mileage bond issue and a special election.