The word of the week for North Little Rock football coach Brad Bolding this week is consistency.

"One day it’s the offense, one day it’s the defense," Bolding said. "We have to find a way to be consistent and have both units on the same page."

Preseason is winding down and where Bolding and his coaching staff are pointing their eyes is in the direction of Lake Hamilton.

The Wolves, though they experienced a down year last season, are tradition rich having been repeat participants in the 6A state championship game in recent years.

"I love their coaching staff over there," Bolding said. "Our team respects them. There’s no practice, show up, play and win against those guys. We have to be consistent on both sides of the football. They are a very good team."

Bolding said he would watch their scrimmage on Monday night.

"I know this is a team we are not going to take lightly," Bolding said.

Building consistency on offense starts with the quarterback spot. Bolding has two as he did last year, but not exactly the same two.

Heath Land is still there, but Peyton Holmes was moved to safety. Deon Fox is the new backup quarterback, and Bolding said while both have done good things this summer, one needs to separate themselves.

"I’ve switched their shirts all summer," Bolding said. "I’m looking for the one that does what they are told to do on every play."

Offensive line has been a bit of a sore spot for Bolding lately, but did admit progress is being made.

"We moved in the right direction," Bolding said, "but we still aren’t where we need to be."

One area that the Charging Wildcats appear to be blessed so far is the fact that they have avoided injury.

"We just have the typical bumps and bruises," Bolding said. "No injuries at all."

What outsiders see on the surface is a plethora of talent in many areas from running back to safety, but depth seems to be aplenty on both sides of the football, even though Bolding says it is largely unproven.

"There are a lot of guys that don’t have much Friday night experience," Bolding said.

But even that experience, Bolding says, isn’t the total picture.

"Even with that," Bolding said, "they are very talented group. Our coaches do a good job of getting guys ready to play."

Bolding isn’t necessarily looking for what has been previously proven. He’d settle right now for some consistency.