Approximately $10,000 in coins and cash was stolen from First Security Bank on Crystal Hill Road in Maumelle on Friday. At approximately 6:15 a.m., officers were sent to the bank in regards to a burglary. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Linda Tistle, an employee of First Security.

Tistle said she arrived for work that morning to wait for the money truck to arrive. Tistle said she went into the building and saw that the alarm was off. She then notified Steven Self, the vice president security officer of First Security, of the situation. Tistle said the cash room door had been damaged, at which time she notified the police.

Officers entered and cleared the building. There appeared to be no signs of forced entry into the building. Officers saw heavy damage to the cash room door and the dry wall surrounding the door. Officer saw papers and rolls of coins strewn across the floor.

A key box had been opened inside the cash room and there were several teller drawers that had been opened without force.

The alarm had been turned off prior to Tistle arrival.

It is unclear how much money had been stolen. CID was notified and the investigation was turned over to detectives. No suspects have been named at the time of this report.