A Sherwood woman has been arrested in the Sept. 20 burglary of Maumelle’s First Security Bank on Crystal Hill Road.

Destiny B. Barnes, 18, of Sherwood turned herself in to the Little Rock Police Department on Sept. 23. Barnes is charged with commercial burglary and theft of property in connection to the more than $10,000 stolen from the bank.

On Sept. 20, Maumelle officers were dispatched to First Security Bank in regards to a commercial burglary. Det. Amy S. Giompoletti was contacted and asked to respond to the scene. Giompoletti viewed the video surveillance of the incident, which showed three black men enter the building using a code at approximately 3:20 a.m. The men came into the teller area and deactivated the alarm system. There was no forced entry into the building.

The three men walked around the teller area and opened drawers, looking around the area and then left the building the same way they had come in. No property was taken at that time.

The three men then returned to the bank at approximately 5:18 a.m., according to the police report. They had what police said looked like a pick ax that was used to gain entry into the coin room. They carried out $14,000 in change and fled in a white Ford Crown Victoria.

On Sept. 20, Giompoletti spoke with Steve Self, the vice president and security officer. Self said that he was at the First Security Bank in Little Rock and they had also been burglarized in the same way. Self said that the code used to gain entry into both buildings belonged to the cleaning lady, Connie White of JanPro.

On Sept. 20, Giompoletti was alerted that Little Rock Police Department had White in their northwest precinct. Giompoletti went to the precinct and interviewed White who said that she believe her daughter, Destiny, was responsible for the burglary. White said Barnes has a car that matches the description of the vehicle used in the burglary and she said that Barnes had been "running with a bad crowd" and that she had a boyfriend named "Boonie" whom she didn’t trust.

Barnes turned herself in on Sept. 23. She was interviewed by Det. Aaron Simon of the Little Rock Police Department who contacted Maumelle police. Simon told police said that she did not say who was allegedly involved in the bank burglaries with her, but police said Barnes allegedly admitted the crime was her idea and that she gave three men the codes to the bank.

On Sept. 24, Maumelle Police Sgt. Amy S. Giompoletti and FBI agent Chris McCaslin interviewed Barnes at a Little Rock Police substation. Barnes was asked about the night of the bank burglaries and she said she was unsure how to answer the questions. Giompoletti told Barnes that her mother, Connie White, was also at the police department and she wanted to speak with Barnes. Barnes agreed to meet with White, who told her how serious the situation was and told her she needed to tell the truth.

Barnes agreed to speak with officers and said that her boyfriend, William "Boonnie" Briggs, 20, and two of his friends , "Munchie" and "Frenchie,"were the ones who allegedly went into the banks and committed the burglaries. Barnes told police that she had taken some Zanax and had been drinking and smoking the night of the burglaries. Barnes said that Briggs’ friend "Munchie" allegedly wanted to rob a McDonald’s, but wound up changing his mind when they arrived at one. Barnes was unsure why "Munchie" didn’t rob the McDonald’s, but said they drove around a little while then she told them about the banks. She said that she had the codes to get inside.

Barnes said she couldn’t remember a lot from the night of the incident, but said that Briggs picked up "Frenchie" and she remembers them talking about going and getting the tools they would need for the burglary. Barnes said she is not sure if she passed out and was in the car during the burglaries or not.

Barnes said she woke up the next morning at Briggs’ house and saw all of the coins in the house, so she thought the change came from the bank. Barnes said they used her car during the alleged burglaries. Barnes said she was unsure of the make of the car because she had only recently purchased it. Barnes said that on the same morning of the burglaries, she and Briggs picked up her sister’s kids and took them to school.