The North Little Rock City Council on Monday voted to approve an ordinance to permit keeping of hogs, goats or sheep under certain conditions within the municipal limits.

The council adopted the legislation as St. Joseph’s Farm, which was formerly an orphanage, wants to permit goats and sheep on the 63-acre site.

The legislation was approved with certain conditions.

"This section does not apply to hogs, goats, or sheep kept at an agri-tourism educational facility of no less than 60 acres, provided the number of animals does not exceed the following: 60 goats, 5 hogs, and 12 sheep."

The amendment will also not allow animals within 100 feet of any property line.

In addition, any such facility that has goats, sheeps and hogs, "Will operate the facility in such a manner that will not allow or create noxious odors or any other nuisance prohibited pursuant to Section 6.1.7(F) here in above or [Municipal Code] Chapter 8 (Nuisance Abatement and Property Maintenance), Section 8.1.3 (Illustrative enumeration of a nuisance)."

According to the amendment, the legislation was passed so St. Joseph could have additional types of animals while at the same time not cause any problems for nearby property owners.

"It is hereby found and determined that there is an immediate need for an amendment to the Animal Control Regulations in order to establish guidelines for the keeping of certain animals at agri-tourism educational facilities and avoid the possibility of creating nuisances for neighboring properties and the general public; therefore, an emergency is hereby declared to exist, and this Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and approval.