John L. Martin, 69, of Little Rock was arrested Oct. 10 on charges of second-degree battering and criminal mischief after police responded to First Arkansas Bank and Trust, 600 West Main St., in reference to an aggravated assault.

Police were told by Harold Carlisle of Jacksonville that an elderly white male had physically assaulted him inside the bank at about 10 a.m. with a wooden axe handle. Carlisle said he was assisting Martin with his account when Martin stated, "You stole my money."

Carlisle said he advised Martin that his account had been closed and that the remaining balance had been mailed to Martin, which led to Martin becoming irate.

"Carlisle advised he turned to the computer to show Martin the account records. Carlisle advised he heard Martin shuffle in his seat and advised he turned to look at Martin. Carlisle advised as he turned to face Martin, he observed Martin swing axe handle, previously used by Martin as a walking cane, at his head."

Carlisle said he was unable to avoid the axe handle at which time Martin struck Carlisle across the right side of the face.

Carlisle told police he grabbed Martin and pushed him back while the two were in the bank employee’s office, according to the police report. However, Martin then advanced on Carlisle a second time.

"Carlisle advised he became entangled with Martin and wrestled in the office until several bank employees and construction workers arrived and separated Martin from Carlisle," stated the police report.

Jacksonville police reported they observed Carlisle was unstable on his feet and complained of head pain.

"Officer Waymack also observed a large red area on Carlisle’s right side of his face, including the cheek and jaw area," states the report.

At the scene, police observed that Martin had broken Carlisle’s glasses which are valued at $200. The glasses were damaged when Martin stepped on them while they were on the floor.

"While on scene, Officer Holland advised (that) Officer Waymick said he observed Martin damage Carlisle’s eye glasses by stepping on the glasses while the glasses were on the ground," states the report.

According to the police report, Martin advised he went to the bank and requested to speak with Carlisle.

Fellow bank employee Karen Vaughn told police that Martin became very irate and started yelling, "You’re stealing my money" and then yelled "Karen Vaughn" several times. Vaughn said Martin then pulled what she believed at the time was a baseball bat and struck Carlisle on the right side of his head.

The report states that Travis Woods, Casey Cullipher, and Ronald Niestheimer all arrived when they were informed of the altercation and went to Carlisle’s office and separated Carlisle from Martin.

Police reported they observed several injuries to Carlisle, including his right eyebrow, right arm, right hand, left arm and left hand.

Carlisle and Martin were transported to North Metro Medical Center for medical treatment.

Martin was taken into custody at North Metro Medical Center and advised he was going to be charged.