Anyone wanting to donate Christmas gifts to Arkansas veterans have until Friday if they wish to participate in the Jacksonville Museum of Military History and the Daughters of the American Revolution/Major Jacob Gray Chapter.

DannaKay Duggar, director of the Jacksonville Museum of Military History said gifts are very welcome.

"We are once again collecting needed and desired items for Arkansas veteran" Duggar said. "In years past, donations were given to the Arkansas State Veterans Nursing Home but as most of you know this facility is now closed. Your donations this year will go to the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System (Ft. Roots and McClellan VA Hospitals.) In particular, items will go to the patients in a Community Living Center (CLC.) The CLC units consist of a Dementia Care Unit, Geriatric Specialty Unit, and a sub-acute, respite, and short & long term care unit."

The two donation sites are as follows: 1) Jacksonville Museum of Military History, 100 Veterans Circle, Jacksonville; 2) Arkansas Flag and Banner, 800 W. 9th St, Little Rock.

Duggar said there are many types of gifts that would be useful to help veterans. Some of them are:

Clothing: All sizes but especially Large and XL. Items can include: T-shirts, Lounge pants, Tube socks, Diabetic socks, Slippers/House shoes and Neck scarves

Personal Care Items: Shaving cream, Double blade razor blades, Deodorant, Body wash (no bar soap allowed), Shampoo, Tooth brushes, Toothpaste, Tooth brush covers, Reading glasses

Entertainment: Men’s cologne & aftershave, Magnifying glasses, Book lights, Puzzle & Word search magazines/books, Writing tablets, Pocket calculators, DVD players for recreational therapy and Guitars for music therapy

Food: Coffee, Coffee filters for Mr. Coffee machines, Candy, cookies & snacks (no homemade) and Sugar free candy & cookies (no homemade)

Other: Laundry detergent

Quilt / Bulletin boards (for photos) for patients’ rooms

• Christmas decorations & ornaments (Gently used is ok)

Monetary donations: (can be designated for specific use or undesignated / make checks payable to "CVAHS".)

• Canteen Coupon Books(for patient use at facility shopping areas)

• Lake Good Hope Pavilion Fund

• Emergency Needs Fund

• Homeless Veterans Program Fund

• Breakfast bars& coffee for Mental Health Outpatient Therapy

Adopt A Unit: (Organizations can adopt units to visit patients and plan events throughout the year.)

• Celebrate individual birthdays

• Picnics & Ice Cream Socials

• Sponsor Bingo Nights

• Gardening assistance

• Sponsor Fall Harvest Party

• Assistance in holiday decorating

• Musical (piano playing or other instruments) Karaoke

• 1 on 1 visit (read paper, write letters, take outside)

Individual Volunteer Opportunities:

• 2 man teams to pop popcorn on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Friday (2-4 p.m.).