Former Jacksonville resident Marnie Robertson’s new book, "Mask Among The Bones", has been released and is now available In both e-book and print format.

Having an interest in both archeology and action adventure, she has managed to combine both in "Mask Among The Bones."

While studying in Mexico, she spent a great deal of time with an archaeologist who managed to spark a curiosity for history hiding in the dirt.

Carrying her studies and those interests forward into her book "Mask Among The Bones", Robertson explores Jessica Lane’s problems, that just begin when her plane crashes on the way to Kuchil Kan.

In a game of cat and mouse, Jessica races to find a sacred jade mask buried in the jungles of Belize. Her only hope is to find the artifact first and keep it out of the black market. If the privateers beat her to the mask, it will disappear forever into a private world of greed and deception.

At every turn Jessica’s dig is faced with problems as she tries to interpret on old map given to her by a stranger. Even the volunteers working with her dig site have become suspects. The one constant in her race for the mask is pilot Michael Donovan. Is he to be trusted or is he helping her only to take the jade mask for himself?

"Mask Among The Bones" has been released on Amazon in print and also in various electronic formats.

Robertson was raised in Little Rock by her mother and grandmother in the old southern tradition of manners, gloves, and not speaking until spoken to. Simply put, this meant that she had to develop her imagination and find characters to populate her fantasies.

As she grew older, so did the opportunities for her to expand her horizons. While studying in Mexico, she had the good fortune to be able to spend time with an archaeologist who managed to spark a curiosity for history hiding in the dirt. Later that same summer, Sir Richard Burton breathed life into the real Shakespeare when she saw his stage production of Hamlet on the silver screen and that lead to studies in England and France. Robertson was lucky to live in that age of innocence where you could still wander through the stones of Stonehenge, climb on the rocks and feel (real or imagined).

She aspired to be a journalist, her joint major in college, and interviewed The Byrds, Yardbirds and even Moulty and the Barbarians, but college and reality changed her focus. She began to concentrate on what she considered a more realistic course, advertising.

After college, she married, had two wonderful boys and then moved to Beebe, experiencing a totally different lifestyle, living mostly off what they grew and raised.

A new business opportunity, Video Express, sent them to Jacksonville. Over the years that followed, they owned 13 businesses and are considered entrepreneurial in spirit. Robertson’s business in Jacksonville was her favorite. Movies were just becoming available on video tape and she made a living from watching and talking about movies all day. Then came a bar and with it the unanswered question as to why every man on earth seems to have a fantasy of opening his own bar. That was a great eye-opener and a one-year fiasco. Marnie went back to school in the hopes of sparking some of that creativity that had been buried for so long, but, as luck would have it, along came another business and another. Years passed and finally came the chance to retire.

Finally, Robertson now has the time to write. There are many characters wandering around in her imagination and each of them has a story to tell. Eventually, each one will escape from her mind and find their place on paper for your enjoyment.

Robertson now lives in an isolated but beautiful area in the Ozark Mountains with the love of her life and three rescued dogs that keep her hopping.

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