A 19-year-old Jacksonville man was arrested on Sept. 26 while police are on the lookout for two others who were with him where three men reportedly forced their way into a Jacksonville couple’s home, demanded money from the husband at gunpoint, and then fled the scene with a small amount of cash, some jewelry and a flat screen television.

Johntae Henry, 135 Roosevelt Road, Jacksonville, was arrested on charges of aggravated residential burglary (felony) and theft of property (misdemeanor) after police responded to the home of Jonnie and Geneva Shoup, 617 Charlotte Circle, in reference to a burglary.

Police are withholding the names of two witnesses that helped lead to Henry’s apprehension and arrest.

"I have blocked the two witnesses at this time because our investigation is ongoing and we are currently searching for two suspects that were involved in this aggravated residential burglary," according to April Kiser, public information officer for the Jacksonville Police Department.

One of the witnesses told police she had seen three black males wearing black running down Charlotte Circle, according to the police report.

"She stated that one of the black males was carrying a flat screen TV," states the report. "She further stated that they then all got into a green Chrysler convertible and drove off toward Loop Road."

Police said they were provided a phone number for one of the suspects identified as "J Money."

Officers stated they found another witness who said she got off a church bus and noticed a blue convertible stopped at a stop sign. The second witness stated she then observed three black men go behind 615 Charlotte which was checked by police who saw no signs of a burglary. Police made contact with the homeowner of 615 Charlotte, Kwaibena Foreman, who advised that his house had not been burglarized. Foreman told police later that he had been contacted by someone he knew who said that his house had been burglarized.

The second witness described the suspects as wearing black hoodies. "She stated that she heard a boom from behind the residence and then observed the suspects running on the street with a flat screen TV," according to the report. The witness added the three men got back into the blue convertible.

Upon arrival, police reported they saw no signs of a burglary.

Besides Foreman, officers checked with neighbors and contact was made with Mr. Shoup who told police about the break-in. Mr. Shoup said at about 8:40 p.m. his doorbell rang.

"J. Shoup stated that when he opened the door, three young black males forced their way into the residence," according to the police report. "J. Shoup advised that one of the suspects pushed him back and ordered him to give them his money. J. Shoup stated that he did not have any money. He further advised that the suspects then rushed past him into the rear bedroom of the residence. J. Shoup stated that he followed into the bedroom where the suspects again demanded that he give them money."

Shoup told them again he had no money which led to one of the suspects pointing a small, brown, automatic pistol at him.

Mrs. Shoup told police she was in the back bedroom when the three suspects entered the room. She also described them as all young black males wearing black hoodies pulled tight around their faces. She told police the men ordered her to give them money.

"She stated that she was looking for money to give them when her husband, J. Shoup, entered the room and gave them some money out of his wallet," according to the police report.

The suspects then took $30 in cash, a $300 gold chain out of the bedroom, a $200 diamond ring, a $50 cell phone and a $250 three-diamond necklace. The suspects then stole a $295 flat screen television out of the living room and left his house out the front door.

While police were speaking with Mr. Shoup, Foreman told them that someone called and told him that the suspects’ vehicle had been seen driving on Ruth Ann Street headed towards Southeastern Street.

"The information was put out on the radio and other units responded to the area of Southeastern," according to the report.

Police made contact with the suspect vehicle. Two of the suspects had fled the vehicle but officers were able to detain Henry. Police found in the vehicle Shoup’s cell phone, flat screen television, and a small automatic handgun.

Henry was placed under arrest and transported to the city police station. The cell phone and television were returned to the Shoup home.