Forty members of the Jacksonville High Art Club attended the Arkansas Young Artist Association State Art Contest on Wednesday, April 16.

In addition to having one of the largest groups in attendance, JHS was also one of the most awarded schools present. There were over 1,200 students and over 3,000 artworks entered in this state wide contest. A total of 29 Jacksonville student artist were awarded 45 awards and two scholarships. "This is by far the most state art awards won by any group of artist in the history of Jacksonville High School," said their teachers, Glenda McCune and Marvin Lindley.

Students winning awards were:

Arron Woodall, Honorable Mention color pencil;

Mary Jane Hewitt, Honorable Mention tempera painting;

Tiffany Smith, Honorable Mention charcoal;

Jouse Zarate, fourth place markers;

Chris Erkel, fourth place charcoal;

Charisse Russell, fourth place watercolor;

Thomas Brooks, fourth place printmaking;

Alex Williams, fourth place charcoal;

Nathan Hilliard, third place scratchboard;

Felix Kanicke, third place oil painting;

Julissa Armenta, third place charcoal;

Keosha Banks, third place color reproduction;

Blial Rasullah, second place color pencil;

Ashton Sharp, first place tempera painting;

Carmen Moody, first place mixed media;

Stephen Davis, first place printmaking;

Bryant Carter, first place charcoal;

Kayla Griffin, third place charcoal and second place; watercolor

Zach Allen, fourth place charcoal and first place scratchboard;

Kaitlyn Kelly, fourth place color media and first place color pencil;

Courtney Moody, second place color reproduction and 1first place oil painting;

Cheyenne Emerson, second place acrylic painting and first place scratchboard;

Jordan Belew, second place scratchboard and first place color pencil;

Joseph Gomez, fourth place pen and ink, third place color pencil, and second place scratchboard;

Nikola Basheski, fourth place color pencil, third place pencil, and second place charcoal;

Tucker Felix, third place charcoal, second place painting, and first place mixed media;

John Hermann, first place scratchboard, first place charcoal, and first place color pencil;

Brianna Mashburn, honorable mention mixed media, third place scratchboard, first place charcoal and

first place color media;

Also winning scholarship awards to Memphis College of Art were Nikola Basheski and Christa Gitschlag;

"We are extremely proud of these winners and the JHS Art Department for all of their success and accomplishments this year," said McCune and Lindley.