A 12-year-old child nearly drowned on Friday at about 2:32 p.m. after falling into a pond adjacent to 8105 Old Tom Box Road in Jacksonville.

Upon arrival, Deputy Michael Woody of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office reported he found the juvenile victim lying on the berm above the pond.

"(The) juvenile victim had labored breathing and was unresponsive," Woody said. "MEMS arrived behind me and began administering first aid to (the) juvenile victim."

A medical flight unit was contacted and the juvenile was transported to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

The victim’s mother, Alisah Piggie, 8105 Old Tom Box Road 86, Jacksonville, said that her child was playing with the other children in the park and had been gone for about 10 minutes before she heard yelling.

Piggie told police she ran to the pond and saw her child. She started yelling for help.

Joshua Chapman, 27, 8105 Old Tom Box Road, Jacksonville, said he heard yelling and when he got to the pond he performed CPR for approximately three minutes before the child started breathing.

A juvenile witness told police that he and the other children were playing and the Piggie’s child was standing on top of the berm.

"Juvenile Witness 2 that Juvenile Victim was ‘kicking’ rocks and began to go down the berm to the water’s edge," Woody said. "Juvenile Witness 2 said that he saw Juvenile Victim kicking more rocks into the water and he started to go home. Juvenile Witness 2 said he heard something and turned and Juvenile Victim was in the water."

Besides MEMS, the Gravel Ridge Volunteer Fire Department/Rescue unit also responded to the scene.