Four private properties were condemned in Jacksonville when the City Council met in regular session on May 16.

The following properties were condemned:

1) 208 Laurel Drive, owned by John and Ruthie Bennett. The mortgage holder on the property is Deutsche Bank/National Trust Company.

2) 207 Dupree St, owned by Metropolitan National Bank.

3) 210 E. Valentine Drive, owned by Victoria Delfino.

4) 300 South Oak St., owned by Carlos Garcia/First Arkansas Mortgage.

"Despite repeated notices and demands, said properties and/or interested parties have failed to repair their respective properties, structures, and/or remove the deteriorated elements so as to eliminate public health and safety hazards and bring said properties within compliance with applicable provisions of the Jacksonville Municipal Code."

The council originally was planning to condemn six properties but the landowners approached the council and asked for more time to get their sites in compliance with the city code.

The two properties taken off the condemnation list were: 412 Braden St., owned by Annette Sensing; and 10 Park Drive, owned by James D. Banks.

In other business, the council approved another ordinance certifying tax liens against city properties for balances due from services rendered on the lands on behalf of the city.

The council approved liens on the following properties: 17 Collins St., owned by John A. Taylor, in the amount of $7,748; and 216 Gum St., owned by Mary Heifner, in the amount of $4,851.

"Whereas, due to violations of various municipal codes, the city of Jacksonville has expended funds for services rendered and/or performed by and/or on behalf of the City of Jacksonville for certain work on real properties located within the city limits to remove/modify various non-compliant conditions," according to the ordinance. "Despite extensive notices and repeated demands, said property owners have not paid the amounts due the City for services rendered and/or performed."

In addition, aldermen were advised there were six dog bite cases reported to the city’s animal control department during the month of April.

In none of the cases, none of the dogs were declared vicious dogs, according to the report.

Of the six cases, one dog was a German Shepherd while in another case the dog was a Lab/Shepherd mix. The other breeds of dogs included a Portuguese mix, Dachshund, mix, and a Chihuahua.

In half of the cases, the dogs did not have city tags. Medical care was required for all but two of the victims.