The Jacksonville City Council last week received reports from the city administration regarding several issues, including curfew violations, training hours and fire property damages.

According to Police Officer Grant Roberts, there were two daytime curfew violations in the month of December.

"There was a total of two letters sent to parents/guardians," Roberts told the council.

December 2012’s curfew numbers were down compared to violation totals in December 2011.

"In December 2011 there were twelve curfew violations," Roberts said. "Four were daytime and seven were nighttime."

2012 number were down in curfew violations with 56 for the year compared to 133 for 2011.

In other statistical news: Captain Kenny Boyd of the city police department said the force had 127 worth of hours committed to training in December, with 86 dedicated to internal training and 41 to external. Police Chief Gary Sipes gave a rundown to the council on the number of code enforcement activities performed during the month of December, which included: assigned calls, 40; self-initiated calls, 336; follow ups, 224; meetings/court hearings, 107; notices/letters written, 12; vehicles tagged, 20; vehicles towed, 2; signs removed, 96; trash cans tagged, 12; basketball goals, 3; structures inspected, 6; rentals inspected, 1; properties red tagged, 1; structures condemned, 2; houses demolished by owner, 2; parking violations, 56. Joe Bratton, battalion chief for the city fire department, submitted a report on the number of emergency response activity calls for December, which were: rescues, 250; still alarms, 99; general alarms, 31; ambulance, 277. Of the ambulance responses, 174 were classified as transported runs with 110 as non-transported runs. Of the general alarms, four were structural and 22 were false alarms/false calls. In the still alarm classifications, 13 were motor vehicle accidents, 6 car fires, 33 electrical, 3 grass/outside, 11 civil assist; two stove fire, seven voided by 911; six gas leak/spill, 2 hazardous material; three smoke scare, six investigation; five unauthorized burn, and 1 chimney. The council was advised that the estimated fire loss for December 2012 was $29,500 with total savings amounting to $174,500. For the city animal shelter in December 2012, the city animal shelter had 34 dogs and 29 cats for a total of 63 homeless animals. A total of 108 animals were received, with 84 being dogs and 24 cats. Other animal shelter numbers are: adoptions, 28 dogs, 15 cats, total 43; returned to owner, 45 dogs, 3 cats, total 48; euthanized 12 dogs and 12 cats, total 24; two dogs died; 50 licenses issued; The city animal control office conducted 13 inspections, 1 rescue, 8 cruelty investigations; 3 animal-human bite cases; 11 letters sent about animals running at large; 11 rabies vaccinations; four cruelty; and five nuisances. Citations were issued for the following: 3 for running at large; 3 rabies vaccinations; 1 pit bull. In the engineering department, five building permits were issued with four business licenses. Other statistics include: building inspections, 55; electrical, 52; plumbing, 53; and HVACR, 45. The council also received three bids to install the Jacksonville Police Department mobile shelving. The recommended bid to accept was made by Southwest Solutions at a cost of $23,076.41 to install the mobile shelves.