The city’s safety forces as well as other departments submitted monthly reports when the Jacksonville City Council convened during its last regularly scheduled meeting on Sept. 19.

The council was advised there were no curfew violations during the month August in contrast to two violations in August 2012. "One was daytime violation and one was nighttime violation," according to the report.

While there were no curfew violations in August, there were seven in July and only one in June.

Police Department Capt. Kenny Boyd told aldermen there were 704 hours of external training hours performed and 144 hours of internal training, resulting in a total of 848 hours of training during the month of August.

The city’s code enforcement office reported 60 letters were issued to city landowners to get their grass cut and 90 plots were mowed. In addition, there were five houses demolished by the owners while the city demolished two structures.

The city performed six inspections on structures and 109 signs were removed. A total of three vehicles were towed, eight tagged and 49 letters were written. The code enforcement performed 78 assigned calls and 389 self-initiated calls.

The city fire department reported that during the month of August there were 193 rescues, 66 still alarms, 44 general alarms and 279 ambulance calls.

Of the August ambulance responses, 186 resulted in transported runs while 95 were non-transported runs.

Of the general alarms, two were residential structural fires, one was another type of structure, five good intent calls and 36 false alarms/false calls.

Of the still alarm calls, 19 were motor vehicle accidents, two car fires, six electrical, seven grass/outside, six civil assist, one stove fire, seven gas leak/spill, two voided by 911, two hazardous material, three smoke scares, seven investigations, and four unauthorized burns.

Total loss from fire for August is $73,500 and the total savings for the month is $5,000.

During August, there were a total of 73 dog and cat calls, 39 being dog calls and 34 being cats.

A total of 142 dogs and cats received (90 dogs, 52 cats). Of the animals received, 27 dogs were adopted and eight cats. A total of 28 dogs were returned to their owner while only one cat. The animal control office had to euthanize 27 dogs and 50 cats, totaling 77.

The city animal shelter issued 32 licenses and investigated seven reports of animal cruelty.