In Jacksonville, it soon may be OK to act like a cowboy but not an Indian.

The Jacksonville City Council on March 6 presented a proposed ordinance that would ban the discharge of arrows within the municipal limits.

The issue is expected to be brought up at the next council session on March 20.

"Recent events have indicated there is a need to modify, update and create penalties for inappropriate discharge and use of arrows within the corporate limits of the city of Jacksonville," reads proposed Ordinance Number 1510/03-2014.

If approved, arrows would be added to the list of prohibited firearms.

The ordinance would read that "no person shall fire or discharge any arrow, cannon, gun, fowling piece, pistol, spear, and/or firearm(s) of any description or fire, set off, or explode any squids, firecrackers, torpedoes, bombs, Roman candles, or any other such item(s) containing powder, combustible, and/or explosive material(s) within the corporate limits of the city. It is unlawful for any person to discharge any air rifle, arrow, BB gun, pellet gun, rifle, spear gun or any type of guns, pistols, rifles or weapons using CO2 pellets or compressed air as a propellant within the city limits."

The ordinance would permit the use of firearms, including arrows, in defense of life or property.

"It shall not be unlawful for a person to fire or discharge a firearm or other weapon in the city limits when upon an approved fire/shooting range(s)" adds the proposed ordinance. "An approved firing/shooting range shall meet the requirements as outlined in the Jacksonville Municipal Code."

Jim Durham, the city’s Director of Administration, said there are plans in the works for the construction of an archery shooting range within Jacksonville.

"It would be across from the existing shooting range," said Durham, which is owned by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission on Graham Road.

Durham said there is an interest among some aldermen to put more restrictions on the use of arrows within the city limits.

Durham added there is a real possibility that arrow use may be more restricted than it is currently.

In other business, the council was advised that there were nine building permits and 11 business licenses issued in February.

In addition, there were 32 building inspections, 26 electrical inspections, 26 plumbing inspections and nine HVACR inspections.