Jacksonville is keeping pace with the number of curfew-related offenses recorded by its city police department.

During the July 17 meeting of the Jacksonville City Council, records were released showing that there were 14 curfew violations from January to June. In 2013, there were 26 curfew violations recorded by police.

The month of June recorded only one violation compared to four violations recorded both in the months of April and May. In the months of January, February and March there were zero, two, and two curfew violations, respectively.

Besides recording violations, the department also issued 14 letters to individuals related to curfew-related offenses during the first six months of the year. In 2013, there were a total of 26 letters written by the department to parents/guardians.

Of the 14 violations recorded for the first six months, six were issued during nighttime hours. Of the 26 violations recorded in 2013, 11 were issued during daytime hours and there were 26 letters written to parents/guardians.

The department also advised the council that there were 791 training hours performed in the department during June.

Of the 791 hours, 446.5 hours were performed internally while 344.5 hours were designated as external training hours, according to Theresa Lewis, secretary of support services for the Jacksonville City Police Department.

Interim Police Chief Kenny Boyd also told the council his department had 117 assigned calls compared to 532 self-initiated calls. In all, the department logged 350 follow ups on earlier calls.

A total of 133 meetings/court hearings were attended while 10 citations/warnings were issued during the month.

Department personnel also tagged five vehicles during the month but towed none. A total of 164 signs were removed while 84 trash cans were tagged.

In all, 11 structures were inspected while seven rentals were inspected. One city property was red-tagged, according to Boyd’s report.

The council was also advised that there were 24 parking violations issued. The city mowed 70 lawns due to tall grass and wrote 94 grass letters to property owners, stating their properties were not complying with the city’s grass mowing ordinance.

The department is down in the number of complaints it has handled so far this year compared to 2013.

As of the end of June, 23,049 complaints were handled compared to 49,120 for al l of 2013, according to a report filed with the city council.