Jacksonville police on Sept. 13 were notified that a 12-year-old girl walking home from school along West Main Street was struck by an unknown vehicle.

According to an accident report, student Jaimya Foreman of Jacksonville was walking home from Jacksonville Middle School at about 4:22 p.m. when she was struck by a by a passing vehicle in the eastbound lanes of West Main Street.

"Foreman advised she attempted to cross the eastbound lanes of West Main Street in front of Popeye’s," according to the accident report.

The girl said she had already made it across the outside lane and was standing on the center line when the driver of the vehicle signaled at her to cross in front of his vehicle.

"Foreman advised she started across, at which time she decided to allow the vehicle to pass and took a step backwards," according to the accident report. "Foreman stated when she waved and signaled the driver to pass by the driver of the vehicle signaled for her to cross a second time in an impatient manner."

Foreman said she decided to cross and took a step forward with her left leg when the driver of the vehicle accelerated and struck her with the passenger side fender of his vehicle.

"Foreman advised she fell to the ground crying in pain, at which time the vehicle swerved around her to the left and accelerated out of the area traveling east on West Main Street," stated the report.

She picked herself up off the ground and removed herself from the traffic lanes.

The girl said she was in pain and crying while walking on West Main when an unknown female stopped and offered to give her a ride to her home located on Marshall Road. She told police she accepted the woman’s offer, entered the vehicle, and went home to tell her mother what happened.

"The female who provided her with transportation did not remain on scene," stated the report.

The Jacksonville Fire Department arrived at the scene and treated Foreman for possible injuries but she refused medical treatment.

Foreman described the car that hit her as late-1990s model, green, and two doors which possibly was a Chevrolet Camaro. The driver was described as a thin, black male in his late 20s or early 30s with a moustache.

"No visible injuries were observed on Foreman at this time," stated the report.

In her statement to police, Foreman wrote, "A man told me I can cross and I said okay. I went and he sped up and hit my hip."