Progress continues with the construction of a $5.7 million police/911 emergency communications center in the city of Jacksonville.

Mayor Gary Fletcher said he is hoping the new building on Marshall Road will be open for use in January.

Fletcher said progress is going smoothly as contractors continue to build the new police hub. The 45,000 square foot building will house the police department, fire department classrooms, the city’s 911 communications center and a safe room to protect people during tornado and severe weather outbreaks.

"We were able to get the safe room through a FEMA grant," said Fletcher. FEMA stands for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Fletcher said former city Mayor Tommy Swain assisted in making the new building a reality when his administration set aside funding for it. Besides funds set aside by Swain, the city is borrowing some funds for its construction, Fletcher said.

"This police department is over 60 years old and the roof leaks," Fletcher said, who added the leaky roof caused the city police chief’s computer to be damaged.

The police/911 emergency communications center is just a part of the development the city has accomplished on the Marshall Road complex, where there is a shooting range, firefighting practice center, street department storage site, and recycling center.