Usually when someone is picked up for theft of property at Wal-Mart in Jacksonville, it typically is something of small value like a stick of gum or pair of socks. The total price tag usually is less than a few hundred dollars.

Not so for James Davis, 52, of Jacksonville was arrested on Sept. 21 arrested on felony theft charges following a department investigation into the theft of four motor vehicles from the Wal-Mart Supercenter parking lot.

According to police reports, Davis was arrested following an undercover investigation when he was interviewed with the department’s Criminal Investigations Division.

"Davis was asked about today’s theft and stated he was trying to get a ride to his girlfriend’s place in Little Rock," according to a police report. "After this, I confronted Davis with all the information I had from the three previous vehicle thefts in Wal-Mart parking lot. Davis confessed after being confronted to all three."

Davis told police that he stole a tan S-10 truck owned by Joshua Reeves where it was dropped off at the Jacksonville Community Center on Municipal Drive. He told police he got it back from his girlfriend. He stole a black S-10 truck from Oscar Sanchez and it was later located at 21 Trent Drive in Little Rock.

"He dropped it off there (Trent Drive) because his girlfriend was trying to keep it," according to the police report.

Davis stole the third vehicle from Crystal Jackson where it was dropped off at Direct General Insurance located at the corner of Baseline and Geyer Springs Road in southwest Little Rock.

"Davis stated he was just using the vehicles to see his girlfriend because he lost his vehicle in January of this year," states the report.

Davis told police he didn’t know his girlfriend’s last name and that she lived on Stanton Street.

"The location of Stanton Street was centrally located in between where cars two and three were dropped off in Little Rock," according to the police report. "Davis was then taken back to the jail and will be charged with all four vehicle thefts."

The fourth vehicle Davis stole was part of the investigation set up by the city police department.

Officers and detectives set out a red Ford Ranger belonging to the department and was called by police "a bait vehicle."

The Ranger had been taken on Sept. 21 by someone fitting the description of Davis who was a white male wearing blue jeans, purple shirt and a green plaid shirt tied around his waist.

Police reported that the suspect later identified as Davis had stolen the truck from the Wal-Mart parking lot and was headed to John Harden Drive from the merchandise side of the building.

Davis was apprehended by police near Wal-Mart Drive when he drove up onto a curb and into the grass. He fled before being stopped where he entered Highway 67/167 South along the 1800 block of John Harden where the pursuit reached about 80 mph, according to the police report.

Davis traveled across three lanes of traffic down to the McCain exit in North Little Rock heading south on Warden Road and into the McCain Mall area.

"The vehicle approached the T-intersection of the parking lot when the truck made a right hand turn, locking up its brakes coming within inches of a T-bone collision with another vehicle," according to the report.

The Ford truck came to a stop in front of the east entrance of Dillard’s where Davis exited the driver’s door and fled on foot into the store.

Police reported that officers chased Davis into the store where he hid behind the clothes racks and was pointed out by employees. Officers approached Davis who was crouched down as police rounded a corner with a gun drawn. He refused to surrender so an officer stiff-armed his upper back, sending Davis to the ground where he was taken into custody, according to the police report.