Nicholas McReynolds, 25, of Jacksonville was arrested on charges of Driving While Intoxicated, refusal to submit to a test and careless/prohibited driving after police were dispatched to Arkansas 107 at Aviator Drive in reference to a rollover vehicle accident.

According to a police report compiled by Sherwood Police Officer Dwayne Niles, police arrived at the scene and observed a black Chevrolet Silverado in a ditch on its side and the driver was sitting next to it on the phone.

"I made contact with the driver," Niles said.

McReynolds said he was not injured and did not want any medical attention.

"I asked Mr. McReynolds to explain how the single vehicle accident occurred and while he was speaking I could smell the odor of intoxicants emitting from his breath," Niles said. "I asked Mr. McReynolds if he had anything to drink and he stated he had three or four beers. When I said I could smell the odor of alcohol on his breath he said he had four beers approximately two hours before the accident."

After he performed a field sobriety test, he was arrested on drunk driving charges.

Three sobriety tests were performed on McReynolds, "While giving instructions I could see Mr. McReynolds swaying as he was concentrating on my instructions," Niles said. "His eyes were very watery and mildly red."

Those were followed by two more tests.

"I placed him in the instructional stance and he could not maintain the proper stance while I gave instructions, and began the test before told to do so," Niles said. "He stopped during the test to ask if he was supposed to walk back and I replied yes. While walking back he could not maintain his balance, stepped off line, missed heel to toe, and counted another 10 steps."

McReynolds was transported to the Sherwood Police Department to take a blood-alcohol contest test but he declined.

Besides being arrested for Driving While Intoxicated, he was charged with refusal to submit to a test and careless/prohibited driving.