2012 was a challenging year, especially for the Jacksonville City Police Department.

In recent action, the city police department announced several officers were given awards to recognize their effort to the community and department last year.

The following are awards that were recently bestowed:

Special Service: Denny Dutcher

He is the newly elected President of the Jacksonville Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association.

"Denny has donated numerous volunteer hours to the department," according to a press release issued by the city police department. "He has consistently displayed a team spirit. He is always ready to assist whenever and where ever the department needs him most."

Dutcher played the role of the Grim Reaper in the Every 15 Minutes program. "This role is key to the effectiveness and credibility of the program," according to the release.

Special Service: Sgt. Richard Betterton

"Sergeant Betterton helped to coordinate the various agencies and events needed to ensure the success of The Every 15 Minutes Program," stated the release.

Betterton organized, implemented, and attended the Every 15 Minutes Program Retreat.

"Sgt. Betterton gave of his time and effort to educate teens regarding the dangers involved in drinking and driving," according to the release.

Special Service: Lt. Jim Burnett

"Lt. Burnett was given the herculean task of organizing and coordinating the department’s move from the old building to this new facility," stated the release. "Lt. Burnett accomplished this massive undertaking with confident professionalism."

Rookie of the Year: John F. Coleman

Officer Coleman has been described by his peers as "having a sense of responsibility of a seasoned officer.

"One of his Field Training Officers described him as having a level of concentration and study not commonly associated with rookie officers. The FTO went on to say that Officer Coleman was easily a top officer regardless of his limited law enforcement experience."

Rookie of the Year: Kenneth R. Harness

In 2012, became first cadet in the history of the department to achieve the rank of patrolman.

"He has been described by his peers as very reliable, professional, eager to learn, and possessing of great initiative," according to the release.

Humanitarian of the Year: Jennifer Corben

She assisted in the organization, coordination, and implementation of the Every 15 Minutes Program.

"Officer Corben consistently seeks out new and innovative ways to be a resource to the students, faculty and administration of Jacksonville’s schools," stated the release. "Officer Corben serves as an example of integrity, dependability, and professionalism on a daily basis."

Civilian Employee of the Year Award: Stephen Huddleston

Due to his hard work, dedication, and attention to detail as the civilian property officer.

Auxiliary Officer of the Year: Jeff Elmore

"Elmore has provided valuable assistance with D.W.I. Checkpoints, regular patrol, and calls for service. As Chaplain he has been a resource for officers personally and professionally," stated the release.

Elmore facilitated the use of church classrooms for promotional testing.

"As Chaplain he has assisted Jacksonville families in their time of need."