The Jacksonville Police Department is currently conducting an internal investigation into the shooting death of a man shot during a police call at 1709 Madden Road where officers were at the residence on a domestic disturbance call.

Police Capt. Kenny Boyd said the names of the officers are not being released at the present time pending the internal investigation.

The subject has been identified as Michael Goodman, white male, 64, who would have celebrated his next birthday on Monday.

It marks the first shooting death by a Jacksonville police officer since 2008, according to Boyd.

On Friday, June 28, at 8:50 a.m., Jacksonville officers responded to the residence

"Upon officers’ arrival they were met by a male subject who was later shot by an officer," Boyd said.

During the early hours following the shooting the department issued a press release stating the condition of the victim was unknown; however, later in the morning, he was pronounced dead, according to Boyd.

Following the shooting, the victim was taken to North Metro Medical Center in Jacksonville.

"The officer has been placed on administrative leave at this time pending the investigation," Boyd said.

The initial investigation has concluded that the officer was confronted by the victim, which led to the shooting.

The officers were confronted at the inside the residence by the subject.

"I can’t go into detail," Boyd said. "Detectives are still interviewing the officer."

The officers confirmed that a No Contact Order was in place for the subject by the wife, Laura Phillips. The officers went to place the subject under arrest for Violation of the No Contact Order. The subject refused to comply with the demands of the officers. The subject pulled a knife and advanced towards the officers. One officer fired his weapon striking the subject in the upper torso.

Boyd said officers are permitted to use deadly force if they believe they have been threatened.

The shooting took place in the city’s Foxwood Neighborhood, which is considered a nice area of town.

"You have a golf course fairly close by," Boyd said. "It is not a high crime rate area."

Boyd said the department personnel undergo a lot of emotions when these types of incidents take place.

"It is an emotional roller coaster for the police and fire departments," Boyd said. Firefighters also responded to the scene, he added.

"You try and prepare mentally that something like this can happen every day when you hit the streets," Boyd said. "We encourage officers to prepare for those types of situations."

Boyd said nobody else was injured during the incident.

"There were two inside the residence other than the subject," Boyd said.

A check of the call history to that residence showed that the subject had been arrested on June 1 for second-degree domestic battery which resulted in the issuance of the No Contact Order on June 3 for the wife. On June 24, officers responded and took a report from the wife on a Violation of the No Contact Order in reference to the subject contacting her by phone.