The Jacksonville City Council on Oct. 18 approved an ordinance to designate certain areas where dogs may be walked.

According to the ordinance, owners may walk their canines in the dog park at Dupree Park and certain other areas.

"Dogs will be allowed within the confined space(s) and designated area(s) of the city’s dog park within Dupree Park and upon walking trails within other city parks," reads the ordinance. "However, all parties who utilize said facilities are expected to fully comply and maintain their animal(s) within their respective areas of the park and take appropriate action to prevent their animal(s) from entering any other area of a city park where animals are prohibited."

The council voted to specifically prohibit dogs from the community center, skate park, and the Farmer’s Market Pavilion, including the walking tracks present at the community center complex, according to the ordinance.

In other business, the council was updated on the amount of fire loss during the loss of September.

According to a report compiled by Mike Williams, Jacksonville’s fire marshal, Jacksonville experienced an estimated $144,000 in fire loss for the month. However, firefighting measures undertaken during September resulted in a savings of $169,000, according to the report.

Williams reported to aldermen that Jacksonville’s Fire and Rescue Services operations responded to 275 rescues, 59 still alarms, 29 general alarms and 275 ambulance calls.

Of the ambulance responses, 178 were classified as transportation runs and 130 were designated as non-transported runs.

Of the general alarm calls, two were classified as structural (residential), seven were good intent calls, and 20 were false alarms/false calls.

In the still alarm category, 14 were for motor vehicle accidents, two were car fires, five were electrical, four were grass/outside, five were civil assistance, three were voided by 911, four were gas leak/spill, two were controlled burns, one was a hazardous material call, six were smoke scares, 11 were investigations, and two were unauthorized burns.

City Police Officer Jennifer Corben of the Support Services Division reported curfew violations were down during the month of September this year compared to last year.

"During the month of September there were a total of two curfew violations," Corben said. "There were two daytime violations and zero nighttime violations." The department issued no warrants or curfew warnings.

Corben told aldermen that in September 2011 there were 11 curfew violations, 10 of which were daytime and one which took place during the nighttime.