A 19-year-old Jacksonville woman was arrested on Dec. 22 on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, tempering with physical evidence and obstructing government operations after she struck a police cruiser on East Maryland Avenue towards the Stonehill Subdivision.

Christina Parnell, 19, of Jacksonville was arrested on the charges after Sherwood Police Officer David Christman observed someone driving an older model Ford Ranger at a very slow rate of speed on East Maryland Avenue towards the Stonehill Subdivision.

"I am familiar with the area and I never have seen that pickup there before so I asked dispatch to check Arkansas Crimes and Information Center (A.C.I.C.) on its license plate," Christman said.

Christman said he observed a male driver looking into the rearview mirror at him.

"I also observed the front seat passenger making a lot of furtive movement around the front of where she sat and appeared as if she was either concealing or destroying unknown items," he said.

The pickup slowed and its left turn signal came on as it approached a partially paved turnoff on the side of East Maryland. The truck continued passed the turnoff and immediately made a right turn into a driveway of a home without using its right turn signal, which resulted in the police cruiser activating its flashing lights to initiate a traffic stop.

"The driver of the pickup immediately jumped out and ran at a full sprint down East Maryland towards the woods," Christman said.

Christman described the running assailant as a white male with dark hair who wore a dark-colored long-sleeve shirt with a hood along with dark-colored pants. He looked at the front seat and observed a female, later identified as Parnell, sliding across the pickup toward the steering wheel.

"At that time the pickup reversed, then rolled down the driveway and collided into the front push bumper of my patrol car," Christman wrote.

After the collision, Parnell got out of the truck and was told to get onto the ground. Christman searched her and it was determined her drivers was suspended. Dispatchers also advised him that Parnell had a previous charge out of the Jacksonville Police Department on Nov. 16 for possession of drugs.

Police also searched the truck and observed a broken light bulb scattered on the floorboard in front of the passenger seat. "Several pieces of the bulb were burnt and contained a white residue on it," Christman said.

Christman added, "Based on the training I received I know the light bulb is commonly used to ingest methamphetamine into the body.

Christman said he retrieved the broken shards of the light bulbs and placed them into his evidence bag for safekeeping.

He asked Parnell who drove the truck and she said she didn’t know.

Officers continued to search the area but were unable to apprehend the driver. Parnell was transported to the city police department for processing.

Christman said charges of fleeing on foot, criminal mischief and failure to use a turn signal are pending until the driver can be positively identified.