Dear Editor

Let us hope the latest Arkansas political ethics scandals have finally abated. Of course the biggest fish in this ethics barrel is a Republican, Lt. Governor Mark Darr, who is charged with spending campaign money on personal items. The Arkansas Ethics Commission thinks Darr may have violated up to eight statutes, punishable as misdemeanor offenses. At the time of this writing, it appears Darr may eventually pay a fine or two, but will not likely go to jail. Still, this development has caused Darr to panic and drop his plans to run for U.S. Congress. Fortunately for Darr, a former Arkansas politician has already set unequaled precedence for skirting Arkansas ethics accountability. That politician was Mike Huckabee.

It started when Huckabee was Lt. governor. Huckabee created a non-profit group called Action America, which eventually paid Huckabee as much as $61,000.00 just for speaking at his own forum. As governor, Huckabee was investigated for at least 14 ethics violations and was punished five times. As a presidential hopeful, Huckabee violated two ethics laws in Iowa, but was bailed out by his own Huck PAC. Some folks compare Huckabee’s ethics to President Clinton’s, but fortunately, Huckabee will never be president, and there is no comparison.

Back to Darr. Arkansas Republicans do not have to worry about ethics. Darr should call Huckabee and get some tips from the master.

Gene Mason