The Jacksonville Police Department has arrested one of the suspects in the homicide at 1808 Craft St. Courtney Marshall, 33, of North Little Rock has been charged with first-degree murder and first-degree battery. Jacksonville detectives are currently looking for the second suspect, Stanley Nelson, 33, described as a black male standing 5’9, approximately 165 lbs.

The deceased victim is Latravis Morant, 31, of Jacksonville. The second victim, who has been treated and released, is 33 year old Sedrick Green of Jacksonville.

According to the police report, on Aug. 15, at 2:03 a.m., officers were dispatched to the house regarding an aggravated assault report.

"Upon arrival, officers entered the residence and observed two black males who were both apparent gunshot victims, according to the police report.

Morant was the first victim who was lying on the kitchen floor, partially covered in his own vomit and bleeding from a single gunshot wound to his lower left abdominal area.

"L. Morant faded in and out of consciousness and could barely speak," stated the report. The second gunshot victim was identified as Sedrick Green.

"Green had a gunshot wound to his right arm and right hip area," according to the police report.

The Jacksonville Fire Department arrived on the scene and transported Morant to the landing zone where he was then transported to UAMS Medical Center by Lifeflight. Green was transported to Spring Hill Baptist Medical Center.

At 5:59 a.m., dispatchers advised the police department UAMS had called in and advised that Morant had died in the operating room.

Detectives processed the crime scene and observed a red blood-like substance in the kitchen and living room areas of the residence and located five spent .40-caliber casings, one live hollow point round and three bullet fragments.

Police interviewed Jonathan Adams at the city police station. He lives at 1808 Craft with his girlfriend, Latosha Morant. He said there were 16 people at the residence during the time of the shooting, including five children.

"Adams stated that the children and several adults were in bed during the shooting," according to the report.

Adams advised that he and several friends and family members were visiting and celebrating Green’s birthday.

"Adams stated that Quante Blakely came over with two of her friends who they only knew as ‘Stan’ and ‘Cash’," states the report.

Stan was later identified as Stanley Nelson and Cash was identified as Courtney Marshall.

"Nelson and Marshall visited with everyone while playing dominoes and drinking alcohol," according to the report.

Approximately one hour after their visit, Marshal became loud and obnoxious and Adams told him to settle down and be quieter. Green also advised Marshall to settle down and be respectful.

"Marshall put his finger in Green’s face and attempted to punch him in the face," states the report. "Marshall missed and Green hit Marshall in the face with his fist. During this time Adams noticed Nelson had opened the back door. Nelson grabbed Marshall and began moving him toward the back door. While Nelson was attempting to get Marshall out the back door Nelson began shooting a handgun which resulted in Green and Latravis Morant being shot."

At about 3 p.m., a Little Rock police officer was working a vehicle accident at the 3700 block of Rodney Parham Road where a gas line was struck by a vehicle.

As a safety precaution, the Little Rock officer created a road block while waiting on Entergy crews.

"While on scene, (Little Rock) Officer Hernandez observed a gray Toyota Camry go around his patrol vehicle. Officer Hernandez noticed Marshall to have bruises on his face. Marshall advised that he was beat up in Jacksonville," stated the report.

Paramedics on the scene treated Marshall but Hernandez noticed that in Marshall’s car he had a handgun in his waistband.

Officer Hernandez secured the firearm and Marshall. During an inventory search, police found another firearm in Marshall’s car, four pounds of marijuana and 0.8 pounds of cocaine.

The Jacksonville Police Department was notified of Marshall’s arrest and statement of being in a fight in Jacksonville.

The information was relayed to Jacksonville detectives and they created photo lineups consisting of six photographs, with one of the images being Marshall with the other five photos being of individuals with similar features.

Detectives interviewed Blakely at the police station regarding the shooting.

"Blakely stated that she is Green’s ex-girlfriend and they have a child together," according to the report. "Blakely stated that she was at her house with Nelson and Marshall. Green came to her home and invited them t come over to 1808 Craft St. to play dominoes," states the report. "When they arrived they began drinking alcohol and playing dominoes. Green began belittling and ridiculing Marshall and Nelson. Green also punched Marshall in the face with his fist."

Blakely said she was in the living room at the time she heard gunshots and observed Latravis Morant and Green to be shot.

"Blakely left the scene due to Green becoming aggressive with her after the shooting."

Blakely stated that she had known "Stan" for seven or eight months and only knows him by his first name, Stanley. Blakely stated that "Courtney" is "Stan’s cousin.

Blakely positively identified the photo of Marshall.