The city of Jacksonville is ready to implement Smart911 emergency phone service and wants its citizens to take advantage of the service.

“We, the 911 Center, police department and fire department, will start a campaign in 2013 to get the citizens of Jacksonville signed up for Smart911 now that we have gone live with the program,” according to a report issued recently to the Jacksonville City Council.

In 2012, the state of Arkansas purchased the Smart911 Software for all 911 Centers throughout the state.

“Smart911 is a free service where citizens can go to a website and safely and securely enter their personal information so that when they call 911 the dispatcher will automatically have important information that can help the emergency responders assist them once they arrive at the scene,” states the report. “The citizens can input their address, medical conditions, emergency contacts as well as information regarding the location of residents that may need special care or assistance getting out of the home in case of a fire.”

The Smart911 system has already helped citizens and dispatchers throughout the state and will continue to do so in 2013, states the report.