Patients who are used to going to St. Vincent Medical Clinic in Lonoke are being directed now to St. Vincent locations in Jacksonville, Sherwood, North Little Rock or Scott following its temporary closing caused by a broken water pipe in the office.

"There is a lot of work to be done," said Margaret Preston Dedman a spokeswoman in St. Vincent’s Planning Marketing Communications Office. "There was quite a bit of damage. We don’t’ have a date yet when it will be reopened."

Dedman said the pipe was located in the office ceiling. The pipe broke during the early days of the week of Jan. 6, according to Dedman.

Patients who need to see a physician were encouraged to call a St. Vincent clinic located close to their home or work for an appointment, she said.

"Physicians at these clinics will have access to the medical records of patients treated at St. Vincent Medical Clinic Lonoke," she said.

Dr. David Foster, president of St. Vincent’s Medical Group, said he anticipates the Lonoke location to be opened again on Jan. 20.

The clinic’s closure has impacted 12 employees, he said.

Some employees have opted to stay at home with paid time off while others are temporarily working at other St. Vincent facilities in the area, Foster said.

"That is one of the advantages of being part of a larger network," Foster said.

Foster said there are no estimates right now on how much damage was done but added it was extensive.

Julie Embry, St. Vincent’s vice president, said the hospital’s insurance carrier is expected to cover the losses.

The clinic was shut down at about noon on Jan. 7 after staff members discovered the water break, Foster said.

Embry said the city fire department was notified, came to the site, and then the clinic’s water and electric were turned off.

Foster said there is no risk that patent records have been lost because they are kept on computer files.

Phone numbers for clinics are listed below. Patients needing prescription refills should contact their pharmacy and request an e-prescribe.

"We apologize for the inconvenience," Dedman said.