Visions Nightclub near the Morgan exit on Interstate 40 was burglarized June 12 and thieves who cut a hole through a wall made off with $11,000 in cash.

The club is in an unincorporated area of the Pulaski County but has a North Little Rock mailing address.

But according to to Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office report by Deputy Justin Leggett, the Maumelle owner was more interested in deputies leaving than in anything else.

Leggett said owner John Verducci, 73, of 7625 Vestal Blvd. in Maumelle, told him "this same incident has happened before and he did not want me to file a report, or want anything done about the incident. Verducci and his girlfriend (Meaghan Lenigan, 17 — of the same address) were more concerned about the Police leaving so they could open for the evening."

The $11,000 included bills in the denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20 and $100, according to the report.

Visions manager Byron Neal Witcher of North Little Rock said he left the club about 5:30 a.m. June 12 with about $11,000 in the safe.

The report said surveillance video shows an individual wearing a ski mask shoot out the surveillance cameras with a .22-caliber gun or with a high-powered pellet gun.

Employees Cynthia Brister, 36, of Conway and Ashley Pagan, 21, of Conway both said they arrived at the club around 6:15 the evening of June 12 and did not notice anything unusual, but said they waited in their car for Witcher to open the door.

Leggett said when investigators arrived, Verducci didn’t want them to investigate the crime but reluctantly agreed to allow them to dust for fingerprints.

Within the past year or so, deputies have answered 69 calls from the strip club to 911, mostly involving drunk patrons getting into trouble and harassing the dancers.

One caller told the 911 operator he allegedly had "paid a stripper $100 to go home with him and he wanted the woman to either go home with him or to return his $100."

Many of the calls involved unusual accidents and patrons climbing poles and electrical poles outside the club.

Trying to get a name for the club owner has been difficult. According to sheriff’s deputies, Verducci owns the club but has refused to file police reports in the past.