North Pulaski Coach Michael Dean is waiting for the day when the Falcons can overcome their mistakes.

Errors and a lack of mental confidence are plaguing the Falcons. Once a miscue happens, events just snowball as did Tuesday when the Falcons (1-9) lost to Jacksonville, 13-3 and 11-0.

"We can’t seem to rebound," Dean said. "Once we lost the first game, we couldn’t get it back the second game."

Dean said senior Troy Allen pitched well the first game but that the Falcons couldn’t back him up. Junior Fred Thomas, the fastest player on the team and described by Dean as a sparkplug, had to leave the contest after puncturing his hand sliding into first base. That incident also didn’t help North Pulaski’s psychoses.

"He slid under the tag and was safe, but the umpire called him out," Dean said. "After that questionable call, I could see the team start to unravel."

Dean says the problem is a mistake in batting carries over to the field while a mistake in the field carries over to batting. He also says the Falcons are shooting themselves in the foot like letting a ball go between their legs and botching catches.

Another thing North Pulaski lacks is tradition which Dean would like to change. Also, Dean says he and Coach Jeremy Brown are still teaching fundamentals.

"It’s a good thing they are good kids," Dean said. "It is frustrating though because they can’t seem to forget the errors and go on."

Dean said Jacksonville was made up of freshmen and sophomores and that the Falcons started off well until Thomas’ incident. They were supposed to play Robinson on Wednesday, and then travel to Lonoke on Friday. One thing the Falcons need is to play games, and Dean wishes the Jae Lynn Russell Tournament would have taken place because that would have given North Pulaski three to four games.

"We’ll keep working on fundamentals," Dean said, "and keep taking one game at a time."