Though the North Pulaski Falcons notched more victories than last year in Coach Roy Jackson’s inaugural season, he never anticipated this year would end the way it did.

"I never thought we would lose so many games in a row at the end of the season," Jackson said. "I don’t know what it was."

A seven-game losing streak was not the best way to end the season. The positive thing is the 9-15 overall record is improved over last years’ four victories (4-20). However, the majority of those wins came against conference foes as the Falcons ended up 3-11 in the 5A-Central.

"That does look better than last year (the 9-15 mark)," Jackson said. "We faltered at the end. I’ll have to look at it as a coach and see what I did or could do differently. I know it won’t happen next year."

Jackson did see an improvement in the players’ mental toughness from last season. Consistency needs to be improved both on offense and defense.

"We didn’t defend well at times," Jackson said. "We didn’t complete the defensive series which also means getting the rebound. We also didn’t score consistently and had a tough time scoring."

With only three seniors playing a lot of minutes, Jackson returns the bulk of his team next year. As the season started spiraling, he also let the young players get more playing time so they will be tested next year. He also sees another area the Falcons have to change.

"We didn’t protect our home court," Jackson said. "It was something we stressed, but we didn’t play well at home. I’ll have to implement something in place next year and make us more focused at home."

Jackson likes to give the Falcons a couple of weeks off after the state tournament. Then they will start back on their strength training, and Jackson will add more weight training so they can get stronger. Also, the guys will work on individual drills including shooting drills.