Last week was a pivotal week for North Pulaski in the 5A-Central race. Two losses put them below .500 in the conference, but the Falcons have a chance to redeem themselves this week.

Unfortunately, that mission was delayed by two days. North Pulaski’s home contest against West Helena was rescheduled for today because of the threat of severe weather Tuesday. The Falcons (8-9, 2-4) travel to Pulaski Academy tomorrow. After a 15-point loss to Little Rock McClellan last Friday, Coach Roy Jackson was ready to play Tuesday.

"Last week put us in a bind," Jackson said. "I really would have preferred to play Tuesday, but it is what it is. Playing two days in a row is like we did in the Christmas tournament."

One glaring difference is the two games in a row are conference games. Additionally, the Falcons face two different teams. In the first meetings, they beat West Helena, 77-68, and lost to Pulaski Acadmey, 48-38.

"West Helena is long and athletic," Jackson said. "Pulaski Academy is not as athletic, but they play a zone and bring a lot of energy."

In the McClellan game, it took the Falcons a half to adjust to the speed of the game. Additionally, they were missing two starters. One missed the game because of an ejection last week, and another missed a half for discipline reasons. After trailing at the half by 19 points, the score was even after the third period. The Falcons even cut the lead to four in the last quarter but could never get over the hurdle and take the lead.

The main improvement Jackson is looking for is rebounding. The other teams are getting too many second-chance baskets because the Falcons aren’t blocking out. Rebounding is a focus this week in practice.

"A lot of it is the want to and desire," Jackson said. "It’s a mental thing and the little bitty stuff we aren’t doing."