After not playing at all last week, the North Pulaski Falcons started off well against Jacksonville on Tuesday. But, then an incident happened they just couldn’t overcome, and the Falcons fell 18-3 and 17-0.

Pitcher Brianna Escovido missed the contest so Morgan Rosbrough took over her spot. Battling migraines all day, Rosbrough passed out on the mound and had to be transported to the emergency room. After that, North Pulaski (4-3, 4-2 5A Central) couldn’t get back on track.

"I heard she got out about 3 a.m. (Wednesday) and would back at school Thursday," North Pulaski Coach Jack Casey said. "After that happened, I got everybody together, and we talked about it. There were tears, and I told them they had to pick themselves up."

The Falcons scored three runs in the first inning while Jacksonville tallied two. Casey said they were playing well until Rosbrough left the game, and her exit shattered his team. That carried over to the second contest besides an ongoing thing North Pulaski has against Jacksonville.

"We have a mental block against Jacksonville every time we play them and in every sport," Casey said. "When we have everybody there and are clicking, we’re not too bad."

Casey did point out the play of centerfielder Kelsey Seats and said she was played outstanding and was the highlight of the day. He was pleased with the Falcons performance early in the contest. Based on their performance, he is wondering if they need to work on hitting as it is not where it should be. However, he is perplexed by that as they have been inside the batting cages. Not a fan of the batting cages, Casey jokingly said they are better than nothing but maybe nothing is what they should do.

The Falcons are supposed to host Robinson today, but weather could be a factor on whether that contest is played. The Jae Lynn Russell Tournament that had to be cancelled the last weekend in March is tentatively planned for a one-day tournament April 20.