Disappointingly, North Pulaski’s football season did not go any way Coach Teodis Ingram wanted.

Significant injuries plagued the Falcons (0-10) that in turn meant Ingram and the coaching staff had to scramble to fill positions. Still, Ingram is impressed with the way his team handled the setbacks.

"It was a disappointing year to say the least," Ingram said. "I’m disappointed with all the injuries but not in the way we played. I respect the guys on how they handled what we went through. I have never coached a group of kids who went through all this and still kept up their attitudes."

Nine starters suffered injuries with seven of those season-ending. That meant Ingram had to play some of his younger players. The bright side is they got experience they normally wouldn’t have which can carry over to next season.

"We are very young with sophomores and juniors," Ingram said. "I could tell a difference in the last half of the year compared to the first. We played better at the end of the year and can build off that for next year."

In the Falcons’ final game of the season last week, they suffered a 48-19 loss to Sylvan Hills. Ingram said they ran the ball well and offensively played much better. The defense was better but also was so depleted. Thirteen seniors participated in their final contest that night, but only three of them are starters.

"I told the guys to just go out and have fun," Ingram said. "Every time someone got healthy, someone else would be injured."

Next week, the Falcons will get back into the weight room and start preparing for next season. Ingram found some young players who stepped up and surprised him and is anxious to see how the off-season progresses. When he first came to North Pulaski, he always said the ninth grade class his first year would be the difference. Next year, that class will be seniors and is still intact.

"We have some great kids and as hard as they have worked, success is on its way," Ingram said. "They deserve something special."