Finally, the North Pulaski Falcons scored a touchdown.

Last Friday, the Falcons weren’t scoreless in a 50-6 loss to Pulaski Robinson. In their first two contests, North Pulaski (0-3) didn’t manage to reach the end zone, so the touchdown was a boost.

"It was a big thing," North Pulaski Coach Teodis Ingram said. "We’ve been trying and have been one play away. It gave the guys a vote of confidence."

The score was set up by returning a kickoff to the five-yard line. Senior Fred Thomas scored from there. Ingram had praise for junior middle linebacker David Jackson who made several tackles after being injured most of the year.

Right now, Ingram is concentrating on the Falcons and how they play and react. In last week’s practice, he made some adjustments so North Pulaski could be better prepared. Some of those changes paid off.

"Watching the film, we had some bright spots," Ingram said. "Offensively, we moved the ball better than we have. Defensively, we looked better getting to the football, but we didn’t tackle as well."

One thing the Falcons still aren’t doing is trusting each other. Ingram said that aspect was getting better, but more work still needs to be done.

Conference play begins Friday with the Falcons hosting Pulaski Academy (3-0). Ingram knows North Pulaski has a daunting task ahead, and his main goal is for the Falcons to be in right places to make plays and try and keep the Bruins off the field as much as possible.

"Pulaski Academy is Pulaski Academy and a good team," Ingram said. "Not everybody gets a chance to play a good football team. We are trying to show our guys everything they do. They are well-coached and have seen everything that can be thrown at them."