Disappointment is how North Pulaski Coach Teodis Ingram has felt after the Falcons’ first two football games.

After a 20-0 loss to Little Rock Fair in the first game and a 42-0 setback to Maumelle last week, Ingram is changing things in practice this week.

"We are better than the last two games," Ingram said. "The team is playing better than last year, and we just need to get our heads pointed in the right direction. "

Ingram said one of the issues is the guys aren’t trusting of each other. They are focusing on the other teammates’ jobs and are leaving gaps. He says that all starts with him.

"Today (Tuesday), we are going to an old school practice," Ingram said. "I’m going to have my hand in everything because I don’t like losing, but I can tolerate it if we are better prepared."

Ingram is hoping the Falcons start hitting on all cylinders. They are having trouble converting practices into games. The other thing that needs to happen is the offense has to start moving the ball because the defense is on the field too much.

"We have to make some tweaks here and there, and the offensive line is missing assignments," Ingram said. "Sometimes, I think their mentally is Pop Warner where all the kids play. This is varsity action, and we need to follow certain leads. I know we are better than what we are showing."

Looking back, Ingram wishes the Falcons would have played a scrimmage game because they are still working out the kinks. Some of those could have been fixed in a pre-season contest.

The Falcons travel to Pulaski Robinson on Friday.