North Pulaski’s lone victory last season was against Friday’s opponent Little Rock Fair. The Falcons are excited about hosting the Eagles and seeing if they can repeat the outcome.

Last year, the Falcons defeated Fair, 13-12. Since North Pulaski has not participated in a scrimmage, they are ready to face competition.

"The first game is at home and there is high excitement," North Pulaski Coach Teodis Ingram said. "We are ready to play."

Ingram doesn’t regret that the Falcons didn’t scrimmage anyone and believes scrimmages can be good and bad. Sometimes, they can give a team a good or bad perception. So, the Falcons have been working among themselves and are ready to see how they stack up against competition.

Ingram sees a difference between this year’s team and last year’s at this same point in time. One small negative is 25 guys are playing compared to 35 on the team last season.

"Mentally and physically, we are further along," he said. "I see a different group of kids from last year. By this time, we had some key injuries. I keep telling the guys, it won’t work if we don’t work."

The rest of the week will be spent working on situational plays and understanding extra assignments and what to do for certain motions. Ingram is impressed with the Eagles’ defense, but is more worried about his team. One thing he is anxious to see is how the Falcons respond to adversity.

"There will be ups and down, there always is," he said. "I want to see if we can get through the adversity and get to the fourth quarter."

Another thing Ingram is ready to see is how the Falcons take care of the ball. Fumbles plagued them last year, and one of Ingram’s goals is for North Pulaski to not make so many mistakes. It is an area he has drilled every day in practice. Friday gives the Falcons a chance to see if they made any progress.

"So far we are better," he said. "But, we haven’t been hit as hard as we will Friday night."