Saying the North Pulaski Falcons are banged up is an understatement. Even Coach Teodis Ingram is nursing an injury after a knee operation last Wednesday.

Ingram went in for a routine cleaning after his knee kept swelling and locking up on him. Once in surgery, the knee was worse than he expected. He knew he had a torn meniscus but the ACL was also torn. Ingram went ahead and coached in last week’s 36-0 loss to Jacksonville but had to shut it down after overdoing it. After not seeing his players since last Friday, he was hoping to see his players Wednesday if the doctor released him.

Additionally, several starters are out because of injuries making it harder for the Falcons to develop consistency.

"Everybody has to get healthy, and we have so many kids injured," Ingram said. "After Pulaski Academy, we were starting to turn the corner then the injuries hit us. That is football, and we’ll get through it."

In the Jacksonville contest, Ingram said the Falcons (0-7, 0-4 5A-Central) played pretty good the first 15 minutes of the contest and moved the ball. North Pulaski then fumbled, and then the game turned. Making harder for Ingram was he likes to move when coaching and he had to stay in one place.

In tomorrow’s homecoming matchup with West Helena, Ingram is expecting to be on the sidelines. He is also hoping David Jackson returns after nursing an ankle injury. West Helena is 4-3 and 3-1 in conference play with victories over Jacksonville, Little Rock McClellan and Sylvan Hills last week.

"They are a good football team and the probably the most challenging we have left on our schedule," Ingram said. "They are extremely well coached and can run and are very disciplined."