By Bridget Bauer


North Pulaski’s weather-shortened contest against Maumelle last Friday was the first time that has happened in Coach Teodis Ingram’s 30-year career.

At the time the game was stopped in the second quarter, Maumelle owned a 14-0 lead, and therefore was determined the winner. Although neither team ran very many plays, learning situations still took place. For the Falcons (1-1), it occurred on offense.

"We didn’t move the ball well," Ingram said. "And, I put the responsibility on myself and my play-calling. On my part, I wasn’t seeing things they were doing defensively. Looking back, I see things I could have done differently."

After gaining little yardage, the goal is for the Falcons to regroup. Ingram knows the Falcons realize they are a better team than what was shown last Friday so the goal tomorrow is to solidify the offense. Progress was made in practice Monday and Tuesday.

The North Pulaski defense played well in spurts. While that is encouraging, those spurts need to become long stretches.

"A couple of times, they had a busted play, and we contained them," Ingram said. "Then they would throw the ball long or make a big play."

On Friday, the Falcons host Pulaski Robinson. Both North Pulaski (13-12) and Robinson (16-14) had narrow victories over J.A. Fair. Ingram has seen Robinson play and knows what to expect.

"They are a good football team," he said. "Basically, they have two good running backs and a solid defense. They do a good job of running, and we have to make sure we have our assignments down and don’t miss our blocking assignments."

Because the Falcons moved the ball against Fair and were also in the red zone four times, Ingram knows what the offense is capable of doing. He is looking for that movement Friday and plans to have the players ready.

"Our vision is coming along," he said. "We are not a highly touted team, but our kids play with heart and passion. We have to play fast and be disciplined, and so far our kids are coming along."