Now that the North Pulaski Lady Falcons have had a chance to think about their 46-43 loss to Conway Christian last week after blowing a 12-point margin, they have realized some things. In particular, practice has been different since the setback,

"Last Wednesday, we had a heart-to-heart team meeting," North Pulaski Coach Stacy Dalmut said. "We discussed some things and reflected on some things and changed the dynamics, including myself."

Specifically, the Lady Falcons (3-2) have upped the intensity in practice. Drills are more like games, and the girls have been running more in hopes of finishing down the stretch. Against Conway Christian, North Pulaski only scored three points in the final quarter.

"I think we got tired, and thought we had it won," Dalmut said. "We thought they might come back but didn’t think they would win it."

Dalmut said the girls were upset and down after the loss. In that Wednesday meeting, they were open about changing practice, and also about Dalmut changing.

"I have to be more tough in practice," Dalmut said. "The girls and I have been together for so long that I had gotten really lax. I am tougher and more intense."

Friday, the Lady Falcons get to see if the changes worked when North Pulaski hosts Little Parkview. Since it will be 10 days since they’ve played, Dalmut expects the Lady Falcons to start off sluggish but wants to see the intensity from practice carry into the contest.

"I don’t know their team but wants us to compete with them," Dalmut said. "I just want us to do our part and play with them. It we beat them, that is great."