North Pulaski Coach Stacy Dalmut is a little perplexed with her team right now. While a loss to Pulaski Academy on Tuesday was expected, she hoped for a victory at West-Helena last Friday.

The Falcons (3-7, 0-2 5A-Central) lost to Pulaski Academy, 50-21 with Cathy Waylan the leading scorer with eight points. The score at West-Helena was 56-37, and Talisha Nations led with seven points.

"I don’t know what happened (at West Helena)," Dalmut said. "We didn’t play at all like we are capable, and at times we acted like we didn’t know what the game of basketball was. We had no effort at some points and came out sluggish."

Pulaski Academy took the girls out of their game, and Dalmut said the girls had a tough shooting night. They did play better the second. That, along with a comment from an official, was a positive.

"Pulaski Academy is very good, and I wanted to be able to play with them," Dalmut said. "In past years, we wouldn’t have scored 21 points. I had an official notice that, and he told me that at one time we wouldn’t have scored many at all."

That is the second time an official has made that kind of comment to Dalmut, and she is happy others are noticing the Falcons’ improvement. But, they have a long way to go. One thing Dalmut is going to have to change is the offense as the girls aren’t adjusting.

"We are lacking in offense," she said. "The girls won’t run our plays. I’m going to have to add some set plays instead of the motion we run."

The other thing Dalmut is monitoring is the pressure the girls put on themselves. She says they are they own worst critics which makes them shut down.

"That was evident against PA," she said. "We talked about it at halftime. Some made the adjustments, and some didn’t. Some made them, and then went back to old way."

Even though the wins aren’t coming often, Dalmut says the girls are still having fun. She smiles to lighten the mood and is always teaching the girls on the bench during the games.

As for facing Jacksonville on Friday, Dalmut is not too excited.

"They beat (Little Rock) Mills by 58 points, and Mills and us are a lot alike," she said. "We’ll prepare the best we can, and try to keep the ball in our hands instead of theirs. Our goal is to not get mercy ruled. Some people think that is funny, and I do at times. But, it’s not a bad goal. We just have to keep building."