Members of the North Pulaski girls’ basketball team understand they are in a process of building so sometimes it’s the little things that make them excited.

For instance, even though Jacksonville defeated the Falcons (3-8, 0-3 5A-Central) by 40 points (77-37), last Friday, the girls were pleased they played better than in their two previous conference games.

"I wasn’t there because I had to go to a funeral," Coach Stacy Dalmut said. "My phone kept blowing up because the girls were excited they played a decent game. They weren’t making the silly mistakes like walking and double dribbling like they did in the two previous games. They were completely different than in the two previous games."

Dalmut’s assistant told her the defense was much better and on the offensive end they were looking for each other more. This week the Falcons are going to continue to improve on the offense and try to perfect a new play that was put in and also add another one. In particular, they are going to practice finding the open pass and getting it to that person. Also, Dalmut is going to install a new defense. However, it is one North Pulaski ran last year so the girls should be familiar with it.

After enduring a five-game losing streak, the Falcons were looking forward to playing Mills this past Tuesday. However, that game was cancelled because of the weather. North Pulaski defeated Mills three weeks ago in the Beebe tournament over Christmas break.

"We wanted to play and knew we could win," Dalmut said. "It would have been nice to have a win on our side."

Instead, the Falcons face Little Rock Christian on Friday. Christian beat Pulaski Academy, who defeated North Pulaski, 50-21, last week. Dalmut knows it will be a tough matchup.

"Some teams are so far out of league," she said. "But, our girls have a good attitude. They know where we are and know going out and playing is good experience for us. It gives us a chance to see where we are and get better."

North Pulaski does have some good news as senior post Khaleah Rhodes, who suffered a new injury in November, is cleared to play Friday. She will see limited action, and both the Falcons and Rhodes are excited.