Wanting to get back on the court after a bad game last Friday, North Pulaski had to wait two extra days after Tuesday’s night game was postponed.

Because of the threat of severe weather, West Helena didn’t want to travel to North Pulaski on Tuesday so the matchup between the two schools was rescheduled to today. That scenario had its pros and cons for Falcons’ Coach Stacy Dalmut. For one thing, she was ready to put behind a mind-boggling loss to Little Rock McClellan last Friday. After playing well but losing to Jacksonville last Tuesday, North Pulaski (3-11, 0-6 5A-Central) conceivably had a chance against McClellan but fell apart.

"We lost by 25-plus points, and played so bad," Dalmut said. "Some of the girls were shedding tears, and I was speechless after the game which I think threw them. I just don’t know what happened. It went from Cathy Waylan scoring a double-double (last Tuesday) to not scoring a point. Ilycia Carter scored 10 (last Tuesday) and also didn’t score a point."

The Falcons face West Helena today and travel to Pulaski Academy tomorrow. Because of the rescheduled game, they got in an extra day of practice. Although they lost to West Helena in the first conference game of the year, today’s game is a chance for a victory.

"Coach (Roy) Jackson (boys’ coach) and I talked about how it could be good for us," Dalmut said. "We got another practice in (Tuesday) and can really focus on the game. The only bad thing is we to have to get ready for out next game really, really quick."

Tonight, Dalmut is hoping to not repeat the last performance against West Helena. That was another contest she had trouble understanding as the Falcons also didn’t perform well. Practice has been spent working on the offense. Dalmut is comfortable with North Pulaski’s defense but knows the offense is always a work in progress. She just hopes the Falcons play as well as they did against Jacksonville last week tonight and tomorrow. As for Pulaski Academy, they will set goals and try to obtain them.

"The girls know (who we can beat and can’t)," Dalmut said. "We set goals like we are going to score this much or keep them to this many points."