North Pulaski senior post Cathy Waylan is a busy girl. In addition to being a returning starter, she is doing extra work to improve as a player, sending out videos to college, maintaining her grades and working when she can.

"She has been doing extra workouts, and went to all the camps she could," North Pulaski Coach Stacy Dalmut said. "She wants to do whatever she can to become a better player. That makes her coachable."

Deciding she wants to try and play ball in college, Waylan started working out with former NBA player Kim Cooksey, who has Keys to Life Challenges Corporation. One thing she is working on is ball-handling because at 5-foot-10, she may have to become a guard. For the 2-2 Falcons, though, she is an inside player. So far this season, Waylan is averaging five points a game and three rebounds.

"She plays great defense and is pretty tough," Dalmut said. "She has a great attitude. If you ask her to do something, she’ll do it."

Dalmut has seen Waylan improve from last season but says she is in an offensive rut. The ball is not going into the basket as easily, and Waylan is having issues squaring up. The reason is Waylan has changed her shot.

"I never really learned the correct way," Waylan said. "I’ve been having a focus problem, and I can’t let the defense get in my head."

Waylan has one goal for this season. Last year, she obtained a double-double. This year she wants a triple-triple-triple—double digits in three categories.

When Waylan is not practicing or playing basketball, she has other things to keep her busy. First of all, there is her school work. Fortunately, she usually has time to finish homework at school. That is good as she also works at Frostop in North Little Rock when she doesn’t have games. Her one other love is her horse, Blaze. Her goal is to try and barrel race someday.

"My mom and my mom’s mom trained, and I want to," Waylan said. "I’ve never barrel raced competitively, and it’s something I have always wanted to do."

Waylan knows that barrel racing is something she could do in college, but realized basketball could be more of a benefit. So, that is the reason she is working so hard to become better and actively sending her stuff to college coaches. With her work ethic, chances are she’ll succeed.