North Pulaski Coach Jack Casey was hoping to find out the quality of his team last Thursday in a doubleheader against Pulaski Academy.

While the Falcons defeated the Bruins, 24-2 and 20-0, he still didn’t get a true measure of his team. The main reason is Pulaski Academy’s pitcher didn’t give North Pulaski a clear picture.

"They had no pitching whatsoever," Casey said. "We did hit well when the ball was over the plate, but it was so slow. One reason why we didn’t hit as well is we were practicing with a pitching machine that throws in the high 60’s and 50’s. Their girl was throwing 30, and I never even thought of working on that."

Morgan Rosbrough, a move-in from Texas, did hit two inside the park home runs. She was also one of three pitchers Casey used in the doubleheader. Peyton Mullen and Brianna Escovido also shared the duties.

"They were all pretty decent," Casey said. "Brianna surprised more than the others. I wasn’t expecting her to pitch that well. She hadn’t showed hardly anything in practice, but showed up in the game."

Tomorrow, the Falcons travel to Lonoke, and Casey is hoping for some better competition particularly with pitching. Still experimenting with his lineup, he will do so tomorrow. Practice was spent working on base running and double plays as he feels both of those are a little slow.

"Truthfully, we aren’t 20 runs better anybody," Casey said. "It was good to beat PA because they have beaten us so often. The girls aren’t used to winning so it should give them confidence."