First-year North Pulaski Coach Jack Casey believes in starting each year with a clean slate. Because of that and because the Falcons have only had a handful of practices, he is not sure what to expect yet.

"It’s hard to tell, but we look pretty decent in practice," Casey said. "I think we can be decent."

Because Casey believes in the clean slate approach, he doesn’t really know or pay attention to how the Falcons did last season. Also, he is not taking into consideration who started last year or in what grade a player is. Everybody gets a fair shot.

"Everybody is really excited," Casey said. "I’m still trying to figure out who is playing and where. We are slowly getting there."

Also the girls’ assistant basketball coach, Casey saw that team have some success at the end of the season. He hopes his team can experience some of that, too.

Sixteen girls comprise the team, and Casey feels defense will be the strength of the team. He is still looking for some pitchers.

The Falcons jump into conference competition right away and play Pulaski Academy today. Also their first game of the season, the game was originally scheduled for March 12 but had to be moved.

"When they told me we were changing the date, I thought we were moving it to a later date," Casey said. "Like us, they haven’t had a lot of practice."

Casey’s plan is to experiment with his lineup the first couple of games and figure the best spots for each player. He will also figure out who can and will pitch.