It isn’t really a new Youth Theater, but an old children’s theater with a new name. In order to better reflect the age range of youth involved in what was formerly known as the Maumelle Children’s Community Theater, they have decided to change their name to the Maumelle Youth Theater. And they are having their first production since 2007.

Volunteers are still needed to help with the upcoming production. You can message the current director, Denise Loken on the Facebook page at: to find out what the specific needs are. You can also call 501-492-9851 and leave a message. They will get back with you.

Rehearsals are during the day, but it would also be great to find interest from other potential directors, who could eventually do after school/Saturday rehearsals which would allow the MYT to do more productions during the year.

The production they are doing is The Emperor’s New Clothes – The Musical and it will be on July 5 and July 6. Come support theater in Maumelle, even if you don’t have young children yourself.

The director, Denise Loken, has been in theater at various times in her life. Currently she has acted in three productions for The Maumelle Players and serves as the treasurer for the board of The Maumelle Players. When she isn’t on stage (and sometimes when she is), Denise is also putting up wallpaper and painting the sets for The Maumelle Players. She is an asset to the theater community in Maumelle. It is exciting to have children’s theater back in Maumelle. In addition to working in two theaters as a volunteer, she has two children who are also active in the community, a husband who helps out with the theater and a daughter in college who will graduate in film editing in about 8 months.

Mark your Calendars

Maumelle Photography Club meets at 6:30 at the Maumelle Library. Dates for meeting are as follows: July (first Monday), August ( first Tuesday), September ( first Tuesday), October (first Monday), November (first Monday). The Photography Club fills the display cases at the library with different themed photographs each month. Join them and display your best photographs.

Maumelle Youth Theater will present “The Emperor’s New Clothes – The Musical” on July 5 and 6 at the Little Scholars Academy of Maumelle. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Georgia’s Aspiring Artists – This is a group that meets weekly at the Maumelle Senior Wellness Center. Look for their Facebook page by that name. You can contact the Maumelle Senior Wellness Center for more information. 550 Edgewood, Maumelle, AR. 501-851-2500.

As usual, I need all the artists in Maumelle to get in touch with me so I can write about you (or your neighbor). Building an arts community is a challenging task. Coming together in this column is certainly a great way to start.

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