Scaredy, Teenie, Crooked Tail and Blacky are sweet kitties who have been through a lot in their short lives. They were originally rescued by a kind Samaritan at a Rest Stop and were presumed to be siblings. They were then adopted to a home in Vilonia just before it was hit by a tornado. Unfortunately, the owners could not keep them and subsequently they sustained a motor vehicle collision on their way to the shelter. These poor babies are hoping that the right person will change their luck. Scaredy is actually the friendliest of the bunch. Teenie [the only female] requires that you earn her trust, preferably with bribes of Fancy Feast. Crooked Tail just wants some loving. Blacky is long-haired and beautiful, but the most shy of the kitties. For more information about adopting one or more of these kitties, contact Lisa at 501-240-6316 or go online at