Louisiana Air National Guardsman Airman First Class Courtney Cole, of Maumelle helps rescue a family and their dog into a military truck on Wednesday, Aug. 29 in this Louisiana National Guard photo. Cole’s Baton Rouge unit was called out to help rescue those in Plaquemines Parrish’s Braithwaite, LA, who were trapped in their homes after Hurricane Isaac came ashore as a Category One Hurricane and ended up doing more damage through flooding in this Parrish than Hurricane Katrina did on the same day seven years ago. Cole joined the Air National Guard unit last year. He is an investigator with Private Snoop Investigations in Little Rock. The Louisiana Guard said they have distributed 1.7 million meals, 3 million bottles of water, 982,529 bags of ice and 42,817 tarps since the storm hit with 8,000 Army and Air Guardsmen serving.

(Photo by Capt. Lance Cagnolatti, 241st Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, Louisiana National Guard)