Maumelle Middle School announced the seventh grade students who have been identified to participate in The Duke University Talent Identification Program. Through the talent search, thousands of seventh grade students in the United States have been identified based on standardized test scores and invited to take the ACT or SAT alongside college-bound eleventh and twelfth grade students. These are students who scored at or above the 95th percentile on a grade-level standardized test. Last year, over 77,000 academically talented seventh graders accepted the invitation to participate in the 7th Grade Talent Search.

Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search Coordinator Julie Bennington said, “Qualifying for the talent search is commendable and an honor. We’re pleased to welcome a new class of 7th Grade Talent Search participants and look forward to inspiring these students to reach their full academic potential in middle school and beyond.”

After taking the ACT or SAT, participants will receive a results summary to help interpret their scores, gain an understanding of where they stand in relation to their gifted peers and determine what level of educational challenge is appropriate for them to undertake, Bennington said.

Duke TIP also provides participants with a variety of nationally recognized educational programs, suggestions to use their ability more effectively, and publications and resources that help students learn more about valuable academic opportunities available to them and about the needs and interests of people like themselves.

Bennington said the coaching program has proven very effective around the country.

Cutline: These top students at Maumelle Middle School have been selected to participate in The Duke University Talent Identification Program for students scoring above the 95th percentile on national standardized tests. School officials said they’d be coached and encouraged to achieve even better on future examinations to encourage them to accomplish as much as they can.

Back Row from left: Peyton Reynolds, Janae Guthrie, Alana Guthrie, Alex Galbraith, Caroline Elliot, Bryce Roth, Savannah Fikes, Mary Cotton, Dylan Douglas, Abigail Mock and Ashley Turner.

Middle Row: Ms. Kaye Richardson, Advisor, Josh Allen, Asher Hamlin, Noah Swindle, Daniel Wheeler, Kendra Woods-Garmon, Bilayshia Jones, Gage Fowler, Hollis Peters and McKenzie Smith.

Front Row: Jackson Newsom, Riley Krain, Grace Krebs, Chris Thompson and Caitlin Skolasky

Not Pictured: Logan Davis, Broc Hart, Madison McPeak, Ryan Norman, Traylin Odom, Reggan Parrish, Ashley Reynolds, Micaiah Roberts and Caden Vandygriff.